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 Become part of our tennis buddy program  and make a difference in a child's life by sponsoring him or her monthly or annually. 

 We can't bring every child  to the United States or Europe. However, we can make life better for them in their countries. When you sponsor a child through Tennis for a Better Life, you are given them the opportunity to:

  • Get a better education

  • Learn  tennis 

  • Travel to tennis tournaments to compete.

  • A meal each day.




We are looking for volunteers to help us teach the children how to pay tennis. If you are good with kids and love teaching we need your expertise.

Donate your Racquet

Each child will need the essentials to start the game of tennis. By donating any of the necessaties to Tennis For a Better Life, you will be helping us provide the children with what they need to start playing their way to a better life:

  • Tennis Racquets

  • Racquet Strings

  • Tennis Balls

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Tennis Socks

  • Racquet Grips

  • Tennis Clothing



 Do you own a business and would like to make a tax deductible contribution to our foundation. partner with us and change lives.   You can donate your time, services or product.



Operating a non-profit can be costly. We depend solely on your donations to continue to run our day to day operations. With your financial help to Tennis for a Better Life, we are able to:

  • Fund our projects

  • Offer scholarships

  • Pay travel expenses for the children

  • Pay our Coaches and Trainers


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