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Dear Donor,

  Imagine yourself being part of something that is bigger than yourself. There are so many children who love the game of tennis but the only court they have access to is these  HARD COURT in this video. the court is cracked, the net post is rusted,  the lines are faded away, the net has bunch of holes, simply unsafe. yet, many Benin children plays  on this court everyday without shoes. With your help that can change. Our goal is to raise $50K with that fund, $40k will go towards construction and $10K will go toward labor. 

1. We are raising $50,000 for our project of building 4 tennis courts. 

2. Each court will cost $10K which will be $40K for 4 courts. and $10K will go toward labor.


3. Run a weekly clinics

4. Host monthly tournaments and event for the children

5. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

6. Provide hot meal to  children who will participate and much more




Our organization Tennis for a Better Life (TFBL), took a trip to Benin, Africa. Before going, we collected used tennis equipment such as racquets, balls, shoes, clothing and tennis bags and took them with us to Cotonou, Benin Africa. Benin  is one of the poorest country in west Africa. In  Benin, there are two popular sports. Children  either play  soccer  or tennis. 
While there, my team and I had the opportunity to run a tennis tournament for the children, distributed the equipment, fed the children and give away prizes.

​Being in Africa and spending time with these children made us realize how lucky we are to be living in America. Here in the United States, we have tennis courts at almost every city park, school and communities and many times you will find the courts in great shape, but  empty. These children in Cotonou, Benin Africa love the game of tennis but lack everything we take for granted here in the states.  

​When leaving Benin Africa our hearts were filled with compassion for these children who were extremely talented, hungry and passionate about the game of tennis, but had no hope that it could take them anywhere in life or take them out of poverty like it did for many top players today.  Most of these children were playing barefoot. The court they were playing on had cracks everywhere and the nets were very old and had holes. The two post that holds the net up were all rusted and unsafe. What we saw in Benin, Africa and the condition in which children are playing under was heartbreaking. We decided to do more. We spoke to the Benin Tennis Federation directors and they give us the okay to come in and resurface the old tennis courts and build new courts in the community  for the children. 

​We are heading back to Benin Africa this coming August 2022  and we would love for you to come alongside TFBL. With your help, we would   build four more courts just like the one in the project in the video, continue to feed and provide tennis clinics, run tournaments, and provide education scholarships to our tournament winners and most importantly, share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children. but in order to do all these, we need your help. Your contribution can help us tremendously. Help us give children a better life through  the game of tennis. Thank You! All your contribution are tax deductible. Be part of this great project.